Thursday, March 24, 2011

my last day of being preggo...

So the time has finally come! I have been in hospital since Tuesday for observation of my diabetes, and after a final growth ultrasound this morning that confirmed bub was approx. 4.6kg, the doctors have decided it is time for bub to join us! A natural birth carries too many risks when the baby is that size, especially in babies of diabetic mums, as after the head 'births' the shoulders can get stuck (called shoulder displacia) as this is where the baby holds the majority of it's weight... So first thing tomorrow morning I am scheduled for a c-section!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

As the date looms near...

Well, Bub and I have officially done it!! We have made it to 37 weeks! Yup, we are considered full term!! I am so proud of myself and my little one. I never thought we would make it this far, and chances of bub having issues are reduced this week and next and then get worse again towards 39+ weeks. So the doctor finally gave me an induction date and I will go into hospital next week and my gorgeous little baby will be born! I am so excited! Hell scared at the same time too, of course, because KNOWING when you are going to go into labour means you have time to stress and think about exactly what that means in terms of pain, complications, the afterwards etc etc. At least if you go into labour naturally then it kinda just happens and you don't have time to think or stress about it. Well, that's what I find anyway!

To add to this drama, I have starting having low blood sugars. This can be considered a sign of the placenta losing function, so now I have that to worry about too! It seems that because I finally had good news about my induction, something else HAD to pop up to keep me on my toes!

Last night my lovely husband and I went out for dinner (our first date since we got married) and it was so much fun! Then we had icecream on the waterfront and walked for ages while we waited for the movie we were going to go see... In the end we didn't see any movie as I was exhausted after all the walking and he was tired too, so we went home and went to bed with a DVD. It was actually the perfect end to the evening! So now I am trying to fill the rest of my week with things to do and people to see before I become a full-time mum!

Oh, and by the way, sleep is now impossible for me it seems! I am just too big and sore and cannot get comfy at all...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Incompetent doctor!

Well I am officially 36 weeks today! I went to my doctor's appointment this afternoon with such high expectations of finally getting some answers and got nothing. It has made me so sad and depressed that I have spent the afternoon since I left the hospital in tears, I cannot seem to stop!
So to add to all the other signals and symptoms I have had that seem to suggest pre-eclampsia, today my fingers were slightly swollen (i struggled to turn my wedding rings!) and at the doctors appointment this afternoon I had protein in my urine... the only sign I do not have yet is my blood pressure is apparently normal, or so this doctor said and I do not trust him very much right now! He measured my belly and told me I was measuring 33 weeks, therefore baby is obviously not big like my growth scan proved just a week and a half before! Funny how last week my belly measured at 36+ weeks, and I have grown again, but now it is only measuring at 33 weeks... yeah, sure, I really trust this doctor!
He also did not want to discuss my induction, just said it will be at 37-38 weeks (yes, I know, that is why we are meant to be deciding now at 36 weeks!!!) and that the doctor I see next week will decide on a date... ie, not my problem, not my issue, I am going to let the next poor bugger make the decision!!
Oh, and apparently my heart racing/shortness of breath/cannot get in enough oxygen is from me resting too long and bub sitting on something to make me short of breath.... um, no?! and when I tried to explain that it happens when I am doing things, when I am not doing anything, when I over do things, like ALL THE TIME, he just looked at me like I was making it up and suggested that IF it happened again, to come into the hospital and have the midwives check me out, but to be there within half hour of the first sign of it.... ARGH... so frustrated!

I had to shut the door to the nursery when I got home, I just couldn't look at my baby's room without crying...

Monday, March 14, 2011

Prenatal depression? Or pre-baby blues!

I have my appointment with the obstetrician tomorrow for my next checkup and to discuss my induction. Hopefully this will only be a week away (37 weeks) unless the doctor finds something wrong and I have to go into hospital sooner. I am feeling very tight and sore right now, plus I keep getting heart palpitations, shortness of breath, nausea, hot flushes, cramping and headaches. Some people I have mentioned it to think it may be signs of pre-eclampsia so I will ask tomorrow about it. I was hoping bub might be thinking about coming today, as bub had definately dropped yesterday (I could feel how long he/she was getting!) plus I had a couple of contractions today, but nope, nothing came of it. Now I just feel really big and tight and sore and sick and just want something to happen! I repacked the hospital bag (just to check that I had everything for bubba) but still only have PJs and some books packed for me!

I think I may be getting prenatal depression? I have gotten really overly sad tonight for no reason... I cannot tell if it is because I keep expecting something to happen and nothing does, or if there is something more to it!

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Argh, I am really not feeling the best tonight... I am nauseous, and hot, and fevery, and wanna throw up, and bub had the hiccups before which was just making it all worse. Please little baby, either come join us, or stop making me quite so ill!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

35 weeks... Here is your official eviction notice little one!!!

Ok, the time has come to give this little bubba the kick up the bum and get them moving on out!!! I know that I will miss being pregnant, but I am now 35 weeks and the doctors will give me my induction date next week... So it will only be a week or so after that... This means I will be induced in just over 2 weeks!! I never expected that I would ever make it to 35 weeks, and I would rather go into labour naturally than have to be chemically induced, so I am giving my little baby their eviction notice! You have 2 weeks to get your butt moved outta me and into the real world. I doubt bub will take much notice, too stubborn just like mum and dad!! I guess I will have to start trying all the non harmful eviction tactics... already tried sex, and basic walking up and down stairs... will have to get a fit ball, some pineapple and maybe some raspberry leaf tea... Hmm, what else could work I wonder?!

I had a lovely weekend visiting family, and kept my promise and did not go into labour! I was a busy weekend, capped off with a great visit with a lovely friend who is currently 26 weeks pregnant. It was so good to see her as we have not seen each other in person since before she knew she was pregnant (I was about 13 weeks)!

I had my last birthing class yesterday, so they are now all completed, and while I don't really feel any better prepared, I do feel better for having attended and completed them all! Then I had my doctors appointment yesterday afternoon, which all went well. My belly is measuring at 36 weeks, bub's head is apparently "floating" in my pelvis (no longer engaged) and the doc sent me to get a "trace" done on bub's heartbeat as bub was having another quiet day. At first the midwife could not find the heartbeat, but eventually got it VERY faintly, so left me to hold the trace in place for half hour. Apparently everything was all good though because they sent me home straight afterwards!

Just for a giggle, here is the smiley face my belly button made while laying in bed this morning!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Growth ultrasound and me being naughty!!

Had my growth ultrasound this morning! Confirmed that bub is BIG... measuring at almost 38 weeks already... I won't find out exactly what this means to my "due" date or induction date until I see the doctor on Monday! I am so excited to find out though...
I also was naughty and found out the baby's sex... BUT I AM STILL NOT TELLING!! We will all find out in a couple of weeks! Bub's head is low, so low that the ultrasound tech had trouble getting a good pic for the circumference of the head.
So I finally got my act together and washed all the baby clothes last night. Finally. I am now about to fold them. Baby clothes are so so cute, and tiny!! I am so excited to meet my little one!
My blood sugars have started dropping again a little bit, so if they do not stabilise then I will have to either have a c section or induction even sooner than 37 weeks, so fingers crossed to see what happens! At any rate, my baby should be here by the end of the month! CRAZY!
Hubby and I are visiting my family for the weekend as of tomorrow, and I have promised that I will not go into labour while we are on "holiday" so I don't ruin it for him! Haha, when we get back I will almost be 35 weeks, so close!