Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Where did the time go?

Well I am back... it turns out being a mum is a lot more time consuming than I ever would have expected! Tiábella is now almost 12 weeks old and we are moving this weekend into a bigger house. Life is very busy but I am trying not to be stressed by it! As I sit here typing this, Tiábella is laying in her cot talking to herself. I feel so guilty sometimes for not having her in my arms 100% of the time, but I know that she needs to learn to be away from me, and it is extremely hard to pack this house with her constantly needing my attention!

Here are the things I am looking forward to when we move into our new house:
1. Appropriate heating!! I will no longer be freezing all the time!
2. A bath... I will now have the option of a bath or shower, and Tiábella can hop in the bath with me, as she is now getting too big for the baby bath.
3. Tiábella's nursery being next door to my bedroom rather than downstairs! She will no longer need to sleep in the bassinet in my bedroom overnight (good thing as she is getting too big for the bassinet too!)
4. Doors on the bedrooms!!! It sounds funny, but our current house is so open plan that when my husband works nights and therefore sleep during the day, Tiábella and I have to leave the house or he cannot sleep...
5. A backyard!
6. A spare room/room for Charlotte. Now when she comes to visit she will have her own space where I will not have to stress about a 3 year old touching things she knows she shouldn't!
7. Storage space. We have none here.
8. A telephone line, so proper internet! Yay!

Here are the things I will miss about our old place:
1. The clothes dryer.
2. The modern feel of the place (totally not appropriate for a baby and 3 year old though!)
3. How close it is to where I work (when I am not on maternity leave...)
That's about all I will miss...

And just because I am so super proud of my baby girl, here she is (11 weeks old)!