Saturday, April 2, 2011

My baby finally arrives!

I am pleased to announce the arrival of Tiábella Adele on the 25th March 2011, at 9:11am (AEST) via c-section. 

So this is the first opportunity that I have had to get back online since the birth of my darling baby girl! After being given the news the night before that the doctors wanted to operate and get my baby out, it was less than 12 hours later that I was taken to the operating theatre and started my "birthing" process! It is the strangest sensation being awake and aware of being cut open, but not being able to feel anything more than some pressure and pushing... My husband saw them pull her out (even with a c-section she had a tight fit!) and then suddenly I heard her cry and relief flooded over me. She was then given to my husband to hold next to my head while they stitched me up, and then, about 50 minutes after she was born, while I was getting my "tap blocks" put in to help with pain relief, the midwives held Tiábella to my breast and I was able to feed her for the first time. We went to recovery for all of about 20 minutes where they checked that I wasn't bleeding and that I was getting feeling back from the spinal, and checked Tiábella's blood sugar levels (as this is the major concern that babies of diabetic mums will have overactive pancreas' and will have ultra low blood sugars). Her first reading was 2.4 (near perfect for a baby) and the next two that they did over the next couple of hours were both 3.4. Perfect. So my baby's pancreas is working just fine! Her apgar score was a 9 at one minute and a 10 at five minutes. So all my concerns about my baby's health were all for nothing, she is damn near perfect! We both stayed in hospital another 4 days and are now back at home. She is 8 days old today, and I am loving being a mum!!!