Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Saturday, December 17, 2011

New app test... Plus pics :)

I am testing out a new app on my phone for blogging and wanted to share some pics from today :)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

I love this photo, I have no words to say why, but I want to get it printed up big on canvas and hang it in my house! Love. ♥

Friday, December 9, 2011

Day 2 of our little pre Christmas holiday!

Day 2: After Bella woke up screaming when I went to bed at 11pm last night, and only went back to sleep after she found she could suck on the satin on the edge of her blanket (I have never ever heard her scream like that before! I would get her calmed down for about a minute and then she would start screaming again!), we both had an alright night's sleep. After half her feed this morning, Miss Bella and Auntie C spent some time together. She is such a spoilt child! But in the words of Auntie C, "Cute".

Thursday, December 8, 2011

What a hot, sticky mess!

Today Bella and I packed ourselves into the car and undertook a massive trip (at least it seemed that way!), and we left "dad-dad" at home. We travelled first to Launceston, where I made 4 deliveries for Little Lillie Designs and then we visited "Poppy Dale" in hospital. Then back into the car and travelled through to Ulverstone where we are staying with my Nana and Bella's "great Nana". Today was the worst day to be travelling in a car with no airconditioning! Mind you, looking at the forcast for the next few days, it is going to get hotter and hotter, luckily we are staying next to the beach!!  So back to our car trip.... Miss Bella DID NOT SLEEP AT ALL the entire way up to Launceston. AT ALL. And I was so hot and sticky that I had my tops pulled up to my armpits trying to stop them from sticking to my back. Yuck. Fan on full as the air coming in the windows was too warm, it just was not pleasant! On the trip from Launceston to Ulverstone, little Miss was overtired and hot and cranky, but refused to sleep. Instead she cried for the first 1/3 of the drive, then I sang to her and she finally fell asleep, only to start randomly crying in her sleep! Poor bub!
I hate it when it is this hot and sticky, and silly me, I only packed Bella's fleecy PJs, so right now she is tucked up in bed in some tights and a top and only a light blanket. I hope she sleeps alright!

I decided yesterday to return to being a blonde. This is something I do when I get bored or frustrated. I am not sure which applies in this case, but my hair is in a terrible state because of it! I guess I will never learn!!!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A little time for me!

Today was the first day in 8 months that I have left Bella with someone and spent time alone with my husband! As a birthday celebration he took me to the movies (on a date like we used to) and Bella was looked after by my friend Jilly for a few hours, then we picked her back up and the three of us went to dinner! It was so super good to get out and be "normal" again! haha I love my little family so much.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Modern Cloth Nappy... Totally different from what you wore as a baby!

I made the decision a month or two ago to change to using MCNs (Modern Cloth Nappies) on Bella during the day. I was worried at first about doing so (to be honest I am not the best at keeping up with the normal washing, let alone dirty nappies!!) but after looking into it and finding out you can get flushable liners (amazing!) I made the choice to give it a go. I joined asked on a mum's facebook group I am in about them and a lovely lady on there offered to send me some to try and then I joined a buy and sell group also on facebook. As of today, I have now created a big enough "stash" to last until Bella toilet trains! So now I just have to purchase dispoables for overnight wear. And I couldn't be happier! Bella's nappy rash has cleared up, and only comes back when she has super disgusting poops! I would recommend using MCNs to anyone who wants to give them a go, they can be expensive to purchase new, but if you keep your eye out like I did, you can get secondhand ones fairly cheap when other mum's decide to clear out their stash :) When I pick up my latest purchase next week, I will have over 40 nappies and HEAPS of boosters, and have only spend just over $250 all up.

Come on, these nappies are pretty damn cute! And any MCN mum will tell you, they are super addictive!

I also ordered for miss Bella today, personalised name dummies... Cannot wait to get them! What a spoilt little princess I have! 

NOTE: do not google "MCN" in google images as you will get hundreds of pics of topless women!!!!! oops!