Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Modern Cloth Nappy... Totally different from what you wore as a baby!

I made the decision a month or two ago to change to using MCNs (Modern Cloth Nappies) on Bella during the day. I was worried at first about doing so (to be honest I am not the best at keeping up with the normal washing, let alone dirty nappies!!) but after looking into it and finding out you can get flushable liners (amazing!) I made the choice to give it a go. I joined asked on a mum's facebook group I am in about them and a lovely lady on there offered to send me some to try and then I joined a buy and sell group also on facebook. As of today, I have now created a big enough "stash" to last until Bella toilet trains! So now I just have to purchase dispoables for overnight wear. And I couldn't be happier! Bella's nappy rash has cleared up, and only comes back when she has super disgusting poops! I would recommend using MCNs to anyone who wants to give them a go, they can be expensive to purchase new, but if you keep your eye out like I did, you can get secondhand ones fairly cheap when other mum's decide to clear out their stash :) When I pick up my latest purchase next week, I will have over 40 nappies and HEAPS of boosters, and have only spend just over $250 all up.

Come on, these nappies are pretty damn cute! And any MCN mum will tell you, they are super addictive!

I also ordered for miss Bella today, personalised name dummies... Cannot wait to get them! What a spoilt little princess I have! 

NOTE: do not google "MCN" in google images as you will get hundreds of pics of topless women!!!!! oops!

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