Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Birthday to me?

Today is officially my birthday, I am 25 and my little princess is now 8 months old. Where does time fly? Tiábella is such an amazing little personality! But such a "Daddy's girl". And the spitting image of him too, the short dark blonde hair and amazing blue eyes. I almost feel like I am cheating by blogging about her because there is nothing wrong with her, nothing serious to complain about, nothing medical to endure and inspire others with. The biggest issue? Well, besides throwing up non stop until about 7 months old and not growing for a few months, was the day her two bottom teeth popped through and then it was only a little grizzle!
She has a hugely curious mind, and loves to grab and touch and feel and move things from hand to hand and twist them around, and taste EVERYTHING! I often wonder how the world looks to her, what does she see, what makes her smile? Why does she think that her hands must be covered in saliva before she touches something?
But as she grows and embraces the world more and more, getting more independent, standing without assistance and insisting on feeding herself, I find I am missing one thing more than anything else. Tiábella doesn't want to cuddle or snuggle with me anymore! She is too eager to show off her new "tricks" and cuddles with mummy are not part of the deal. Maybe, just maybe, if I am lucky I may get a Happy Birthday hug this morning... Fingers crossed!

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